In some cases it i’s a single stone that dictates the design process and in others it is the creation of a piece that brings forth the beauty of each stone. The art is found in the complete balance of light that creates such timeless and exquisite designs.  


Our journey begins with a team of designers led by the Mahallati Jewellery family to create the superb jewellery that can be found in our stores today.  Understanding the importance and value of jewellery in the lives of our clients is the heart and soul of our process.  Ensuring that our jewellery can withstand the test of time and help carry the memories of the most important moments in a person’s life is the final goal.

Our manufacturing workshops in Bangkok, Thailand are an integral part of our jewellery excellence.  The region has a rich history of making intricate hand crafted jewellery.  Craftsmen with generations of experience are renowned here and Mahallati Jewellery has harnessed this immense talent as a part of the production process.  

Every step in the jewellery manufacturing process is meticulously executed in house by our team of highly trained experts.

This is how Mahallati Jewellery can ensure exceptional standards in each and every jewellery item that is produced.  

You can be sure that each piece of jewellery has been created with love, passion, and precision, and will always uphold the values that our patrons have found synonymous with the Mahallati Jewellery brand.