“I think that the Braille Blocks project is a very unconventional & beautiful way to shed light on the visually impaired. I believe that jewelry can hold such strong sentimental value and can be used to send an impactful message.”
Ashley Al Busmait
“The Braille Blocks campaign sheds light on the Braille system in a unique way, not only is it inclusive for those visually impaired, but it’s creating education about the Braille language, opening doors and creating communication between worlds.”
Amna Salman Al Haddad
“Every person deserves to learn and experience all the magic that reading has to offer, and Braille is the tool that opens up worlds of information & imagination.”
Samar Breitem
“Education helps raise a generation. Braille gives everyone in our community an equal opportunity for education.”
Sarah Sequiera
“We need to bring back the importance of Braille as there’s been a worldwide decline over the years. The Mahallati collection brings awareness to the topic in a beautiful way, helping us to stand together with the visually impaired to provide them with a better future.”
Tanya Ivin Karam
“Braille is critically important for the visually impaired, as it provides them with the ability to read & write, as well as an opportunity to learn, work and lead normal lives.”
Luiza Khabibullina


years of mahallati

With 50 years of experience in the diamond jewellery industry, Mahallati jewellery has become one of the foremost jewellery brands to appear from the Middle East. A truly family owned business, our Chairman and CEO Mr. Abdul Karim Mahallati passes on his love of jewellery creation onto his children who now carry on the legacy.

Coming from a region that is rich in jewellery heritage and a culture that has a true passion for jewellery, we at Mahallati live and breathe the lost art of jewellery making.

Come and celebrate 50 years of excellence with us.